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The Ackerson Family Cemetery in Holmdel is located at the end of Bailey Lane. Burials from 1834-1950. It is also known as Indian Hill Cemetery, being located in the Indian Hill section of Holmdel.
Below is a list of gravestone inscriptions taken by Edward J. Raser, March 8, 1952, as reported in the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Volume 31, page 38.

Ackerson, Cornelius, died Jan. 1, 1863, aged 80y0m4d;
Ackerson, Elizabeth S.;
Ackerson, Henry, born July 24, 1821, died Aug. 12, 1909;
Ackerson, Mary, nee Heyer, wife of Henry Ackerson, born Sept. 1, 1820, died Aug. 28, 1876;
Ackerson, Emma M., daughter of Henry and Mary Ackerson, died May 7, 1847, aged 0y5m27d;
Ackerson, William, son of Henry and Mary Ackerson, died Jan. 1, 1864, aged 1y8m19d;
Ackerson, John, husband of Catharine;
Ackerson, Catharine, wife of John;
Ackerson, Cornelius H., son of John and Catharine Ackerson, died May 2, 1834, aged 0y3m28d;
Ackerson, James V., son of John and Catharine Ackerson, died Sep. 28, 1841, aged 0y7m5d;
Ackerson, Sarah, died Dec. 6, 1842, aged 54y4m4d (next to Corneilus Ackerson);
Ackerson, William W., born May 27, 1815, died Aug. 18, 1886;
Ackerson, Eliza Ann, wife of William W. Ackerson, born Jan. 8, 1813, died Nov. 18, 1892;
Weigand, Elizabeth S., nee Ackerson, wife of Peter O. Weigand, born 1882, died 1950.

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