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Murders in Monmouth


Murders in Monmouth; Capital Crimes from the Jersey Shore's Past details twelve murders out of the 157 that took place between 1900 and 1930 in this county. Author George Joynson has put together straight forward accounts of the killings and the resulting trials, basing much of his reporting on newspaper accounts at the time.


The murders are reconstructed in detail, taken from court testimony as reported in the Asbury Park Press, the New York Times, the Red Bank Register, the Long Branch Record, Freehold Transcript and other publications. The trails, verdicts, sentences and resulting prison time, if any, are all recounted, with the names of prosecutors, jurors, wit­nesses and just about anyone who had anything to do with the events. An index lists more than 750 names, a handy bonus for genealogists.


In writing of the "dark side of Monmouth," Joynson has given family history researchers glimpses of everyday life at the Jersey Shore as well as the more sensational aspects of the murders. Incest, stolen identities, jealous lovers, out-of ­wedlock births, abused spouses, insanity pleas, and zealous prosecutors are all found here, much as they are today on cable television.


This book has appeal for those interested in local history, New Jersey genealogy, or the mind of the murderer. George Joynson is a professional genealogy researcher and lives in Monmouth County with his wife and son. The soft cover book has a suggested retail price of$19.99 and contains 125 pages with dozens of photographs of people and historic places.


Murders in Monmouth is available at most major bookstores. Autographed copies are available only through the author's website at More information may be found at


The Monmouth Connection, January 2008

Monmouth County Historical Society