Information below is from George Joynson's July 2000 visits and inscription transcriptions at the cemetery, and by Ed Raser's 1952 inscription survey available at Monmouth County Historical Association. Another version of this cemetery is available by Christina Applegate at Crawford Family Burial Ground.

The Crawford Family Cemetery (1833-1923) is located on the PNC Bank Arts Center property, on the east side of the NJ Garden State Parkway near the Vietnam Era Educational Center. It is surrounded by a wrought iron fence and a walkway. Access and parking is easy and it is well maintained.

The land that this cemetery occupies is part of the original 1,219 acre tract of land granted to Captain John Bowne in 1687 from the King of England. John Bowne's great granddaughter, Catherine Bowne, married John Crawford. John Crawford was the great grandson of John Crawford who emigrated to America from Ayrshire, Scotland in 1672.

Crawford, Andrew, 26y8m, d. 3/4/1814, son of John B. & Caroline;
Crawford, Caroline, 40y1m, d.1/21/1797, wife of John B.;
Crawford, Elizabeth, b.1837, d.1923;
Crawford, Elizabeth, 65y5m23d, d. 8/28/1865, wife of William I.;
Crawford, Elizabeth Smith, b. 7/2/1795, d. 4/3/1876, wife of James C.;
Crawford, Elnathan, 11m, d. 2/13/1802, son of John B. & Caroline;
Crawford, James, 2m25d, d. 11/27/1833, son of James C. & Elizabeth Smith;
Crawford, James C., b. 12/29/1794, d. 11/23/1883, husband of Elizabeth Smith;
Crawford, John B., 77y16d, d.12/13/1834, husband of Caroline;
Crawford, John I., 39y5m13d, d. 7/27/1832, son of John B. & Caroline;
Crawford, Mary, 13y7m11d, d. 7/21/1838, daughter of James C. & Elizabeth Smith;
Crawford, William I., 43y5m10d, d. 3/21/1833 , husband of Elizabeth.

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