This is a tragedy. This cemetery should be restored.

In his Last Will & Testament, written December 9, 1834, Hendrick Hendrickson of Holmdel wrote:
"I do hereby reserve 1 acre of land on the farm where I now live, to be used as a burying ground
for the Hendrickson family and their connections, which said graveyard is to include the present
graveyard and as much land on each side of it as shall make an acre."

(Monmouth County Surrogate's Office, Will Book D, page 310)

The Hendricksons were original pioneers to Holmdel, Monmouth County, as early as the 1690s. From generation to generation, they passed their land to their children, farming hundreds of acres, including where the Beau Ridge Development now stands. From generation to generation, they buried their loved ones in times of sorrow in this sacred ground, and marked the interments with monmuments. The name of this cemetery is the Hendrickson Family Cemetery or the Hendrickson Burying Ground, but not Beau Ridge cemetery. It is on Holmdel Township tax maps as a separate 1-acre cemetery called Hendrickson Graveyard, Block 50.13, Lot 3.01.
Hendrickson Cemetery desecration
This is what's left of the 58 known gravestones.


A formal rededication ceremony will be held at the Hendrickson Family Burying Ground on Sunday, March 13, 2011, starting at 1:30 pm.
The ceremony is open to the public and is being held by the Hendricks/Hendrickson Family Association of Monmouth County.
For more information contact Dr. Hendricks.

This acre of cemetery, or what's left of it, is located in Beau Ridge Development off Laurel Avenue. Unfortunately, the Beau Ridge Homeowners Association (BRHOA) decided, without written approval or authority from any family descendant, local township administration, historical society, county historical commission or state board of cemeteries, to knock down and remove the gravestones. As of September 2010, the BRHOA had smashed and removed two truckloads of Hendrickson family gravestones.

According to their reports, this action will make the homeowners happy and mowing the grass much easier. The company they hired used florescent spray paint to mark the stones, then sledge hammers to break them apart for easier transportation. Two truckloads of smashed gravestone pieces were removed as debris to a local dump. The names and corresponding locations where the bodies were interred were left unmarked.

This was done, according to their reports, to the letter of the law. Now the arrogant actions of the Beau Ridge Association is part of history. Gravestone inscriptions are considered primary sources for proving ancestral relationships and should never be destroyed. How would you feel if someone removed your 9-year old child's gravestone? Would you allow your neighbor to remove your family gravestones because they didn't like how it looked?

Dr. Andrew Hendricks, a Hendrickson descendant and head of the family association, has filed a formal complaint with the local police for the desecration of his ancestor's cemetery and a Cease and Desist order has been placed. The local police are calling it an ongoing investigation.

Donations for the legal fund of the Hendrickson Cemetery restoration can be made to:
Hendricks and Hendrickson Family Association of Monmouth County
c/o Dr. Andrew Hendricks
103 Rosewood Drive
Lumberton, NC 28358


The following is a list of known burials in this historic cemetery. There were more than 20 children buried there - now with no markers. The Hendrickson's were a wealthy family, many holding prominent positions, including a Senator to the New Jersey Legislature, a Monmouth County Freeholder, and the Fire Chief in Keyport. Three men who fought in the Revolutionary War as Patriots defending our freedom are buried there, as well as a bank president, Mason, Odd Fellows, farmers and merchants. All Hendrickson descendants. At one time their families marked their graves.

Now the original historic markers are gone, thanks to Beau Ridge Homeowners Association, who were more concerned with their view from their decks, than the history of the land they live on.

The earliest known burial was 1753; the most recent was 1950. The youngest were three infant Hendrickson children less than a year old.

_, Chanile H., b1810, died April 26, 1810, aged 0y3m17d
_?, _?, b?, died?, symbol HH, hand carved on slate

Brower, Catherine, b1771, died August 8, 1822, aged 51y4m

Crane, Lydia Hendrickson, b1782, died May 1, 1851, aged 69y6m2d, wife of Stephen Crane, daughter of Garret & Helen Hendrickson

Foreman, David, b1871, died November 10, 1881, aged 10y2m1d

Hendrickson, _, b1789, died 1805, aged 16y
Hendrickson, _, b1851, died 1853, aged 2y7m12d
Hendrickson, Ann Schenck, b1800, died May 1, 1810, aged 10y3m15d, daughter of Garret D. Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Anna, b?, d?

Hendrickson, Catherine, b1721, died May 5, 1801, aged 80y11m13d, wife of Daniel Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Catherine D., b1752, died March 1, 1833, aged 81y6m23d, daughter of Daniel & Catherine Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Catherine W., b1858, died 1859, aged 0y5m29d, daughter of William Henry & Elizabeth Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Catherine, b?, d?, wife of Garret Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Charles DuBois, b----, died October 18, ----?, son of William & Eleanor Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Charles DuBois , b07/02/1845, died February 10, 1899, aged 53y
Hendrickson, Cornelius, b1747, died October 10, 1802, aged 55y1m12d
Hendrickson, Cyrenius, b02/30/1802, died May 17, 1870, aged 68y

Hendrickson, Daniel, b?, died September 7, 1863
Hendrickson, Daniel, son of Daniel Hendrickson deceased, born November 10, ----, died ?
Hendrickson, Daniel, Sr., b1722, died June 24, 1788, aged 66y5m14d
Hendrickson, Denice, b1756, died March 17, 1833, aged 77y8m25d

Hendrickson, Eleanor DuBois, b1792, died September 25, 1879, aged 87y1m6d, wife of William Henry Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Eleanor, b1797, died June 22, 1806, aged 9y, daughter of Hendrick G. & Phebe Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Elizabeth E., b1818, died December 13, 1865, aged 47y4m3d, wife of William H. Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Francinka, b1764, died March 26, 1845, aged 81y5m8d, relict of Capt. Hendrick Hendrickson, daughter of Cornelius R. Couvenhoven;
Hendrickson, Francinka Ann, b1827, died 1839, aged 16y9m24d

Hendrickson, Garret D., b1787, died October 12, 1867, aged 74y2m14d
Hendrickson, Garret, Lt., b01/22/1734, died December 2, 1801, aged 67y10m10d, Patriot
Hendrickson, Garret, b1794, died March 6, 1800, aged 6y7m6d, son of Hendrick & Phebe Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Helena Conover, b1757, died October 5, 1820, aged 63y10m5d, wife of _ Hendrickson, daughter of Joseph & Hannah Conover
Hendrickson, Helena VanLieu, b1754, died June 1785, aged 31y8m2d, wife of Garret Hendrickson, daughter of Denis & Idah VanLieu
Hendrickson, Hendrick, b1700, died February 21, 1753, aged 53y
Hendrickson, Hendrick, Captain, b1728, died December 1, 1810, aged 82y6m29d
Hendrickson, Hendrick, b1737, died October 8, 1811, aged 74y5m10d
Hendrickson, Hendrick, b1779, died November 8, 1803, aged 24y0m25d, son of Hendrick & Linda Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Hendrick, b1801, died March 6, 1823, aged 22y10m27d
Hendrickson, Hendrick, b1816, died October 1, 1817, aged 1y9m10d, son of Gertrude & Lane Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Hendrick G., b1850, died July 2, 1851, aged 0y9m2d, son of Garret & Ann Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Henry Denis, b1822, died August 21, 1840, aged 18y3m8d, son of Garret & Jane Hendrickson
Hendrickson, Henry, b1857, died December 25, 1950, aged 93y
Hendrickson, Hlies, b1785, died July 28, 1805, aged 20y, son of Hendrick & Lydia Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Jane, b03/06/1792, died August 5, 1875, wife of Garret D. Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Lydia, b?, died December 22, 1822
Hendrickson, Lydia, b1738, died May 16, 1805, aged 67y

Hendrickson, Mary Ann, b1817, died April 2, 1821, aged 4y

Hendrickson, Nelley, b?, d?

Hendrickson, Phebe Van Mater, b1774, died March 12, 1836, aged 62y2m21d, wife of Hendrickson G. Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Renery Denis, b1823, died 1829, aged 6y

Hendrickson, William, b1757, died February 9, 1831, aged 44y12d
Hendrickson, William, b1796, died August 9, 1855, aged 59y10m17d
Hendrickson, William Henry, b06/03/1813, died February 20, 1899, aged 86y
Hendrickson, William, b1844, died January 29, 1861, aged 17y8m8d, son of W. H. & Elizabeth Hendrickson

Longstreet, Eleanor Hendrickson, b1795, died February 28, 1814, aged 19y9m8d, wife of John S. Longstreet, daughter of Garret H. & Jane Hendrickson

Sickels, Richard F., b1840, died March 9, 1850, aged 10y, son of William H. & Catherine D. Sickels

"Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead,
and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people,
their respect for the laws of the land,
and their loyalty to high ideals." - William Gladstone

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