The Roman Catholic Cemetery of Holmdel is located behind the houses on Canyon Woods Court cul-de-sac. Several markers are in tact. This area of Holmdel was once called Irishtown.
Existence of this cemetery is documented in a Monmouth County Deed (Deed Book No. 347, page 338) dated March 7, 1882, referring to Theodore Thorne's property, which specifically refers to it as a Roman Catholic cemetery.
The cemetery grounds and gravestones were cleaned up by the Boy Scouts about 1995.
The following gravestone inscription information is from Edward Fitzgerald's May, 2001 walk through. The term "space" is used to denote room where more unmarked burials might be located.

1-1 Bridget, wife of Barney Cine, died 02/28/1870, aged 29 years;
1-2 Barney Cine, died 04/21/1866, age 31 years;
1-3 Sarah Coyne, died 10/09/1884, aged 79 years; beloved Grandmother of John & Barney Coyne:
She was a tender mother here.
And in her life the Lord did fear.
We trust our loss will be her gain.
And that with Christ she's gone to reign.
1-3a space
1-4 Catharine Kine, wife of John Kelly, died 05/24/1872, aged 25 years:
Dearest mother thou hast left us
And thy loss we deeply feel
But the god that has bereft us
He can all our sorrow heal.

2-1 Dennis Noon, d. 04/04/1862, aged 66 years; native of Parish of Kilakin, County Galway, Ireland:
Stop reader, stop beside this mound
and drop a . . .
For this to us is hallowed ground
Our honored Uncle sleepeth here.
May his soul rest in peace
2-2 Mary McCormick, died 03/11/1855, aged 18 years;
2-3 John, son of Michael & Ann Conboy, died 02/02/1851, aged 4-8-23;
2-3 wide space.
2-4 patch of daffodils in shape and size of a grave.
2-5 Ann Long, wife of Henry Farren, died 04/07/1867, aged 67 years.

3-1 Jacob Schaifer, killed in marl pit, 09/03/1859, aged 30 years;
3-2 John Connealy, died 04/19/1853, aged 40 years; and
3-2 Mary Connealy, died 05/04/1853, aged 35 years; natives of Kilbegnet, County Galway, Ireland; stone erected by their son Patrick;

4-1 Mary Doud, wife of Patrick ? Ralican?, died 01/25/1852, aged 30 years;
4-1 space;
4-2 Thomas McNeil, died 08/01/1852, aged 19 years;
4-3 John McNail, died 05/02/1851, aged 18 years;
4-3a space
4-4 fieldstone marker.
4-5 fieldstone marker.

5-1 Margaret. . . 1852;
5-2 John, son of Thomas & Mary Hurley, died 05/07/1853, aged 17 years;
5-3 Catherine, wife of Lawrence Hartnett, died 02/26/1883, aged 56 years.
Kind friends beware as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I;
As I am now so you must be.
Prepare, therefore to follow me.

Misplaced stones:
- Thomas, son of Lawrence & Mary . . . born 03/01/1836, died 05/30/1868;
- Patrick McLaughlin, died 04/30/1892, age 80 years.

Numbering is Row-Stone, as in Row 1, Gravestone 1.
Some of the information below may or may not be referring to the burials listed above.
- Michael Conboy is on the 1860 Marlboro Census, page 824.
- Thomas Hurley married Mary Bennet March 30, 1811, Monmouth Co., NJ