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Murders in Monmouth

     Capital Crimes from the Jersey Shore Past


Charleston, SC: Why do people kill? In the case of the young and mentally unstable Frank Zastera, the rationale was as simple as the act was brutal: he wanted William Sheppard’s money. In other homicides, such as the still-unsolved 1913 murder of George Harris, the motive for committing the ultimate crime remains obscured for eternity.

In Murders in Monmouth, author George Joynson unflinchingly assembles the who, what, when, where and why surrounding twelve high-profile killings perpetrated by various individuals in early twentieth-century Monmouth County. The murders span the gamut of motives, participants and contexts. Using his trained genealogist’s eye, Joynson assembles each case’s crucial particulars, including murder weapon, the scene of the crime, apprehension of the killer and of course the cascade of legal ramifications that follow the discovery of a capital crime: indictment, empanelling of a jury, trial, conviction, sentencing and aftermath.  

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Formerly the president of a pharmaceutical distributor, George Joynson holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson. A longtime member of the Monmouth County Historical Association, Joynson is also a professional genealogical researcher. This is his first book.

Murders in Monmouth: Capital Crimes from the Jersey Shore Past

ISBN: 978-1-59629-348-9• Format: 128 pages • Price:  $19.99• Release date: November 2007




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